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Janet Wight's Jewelry for the Soul
cool . . . funky . . . jewelry
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jewelry for the soul

cool . . . funky . . . positive.

by artist janet wight

Jewelry for the Soul is the kind of jewelry that you can wear everyday…the kind of jewelry that has special meaning to you.

Gift Cards

Virtual gift cards are available in amounts ranging from $50.00 to $500.00.

Custom Work

I appreciate custom work. If you have an idea or words that you would like to incorporate into a piece of jewelry…Poetry, song lyrics, quotes, mantras, kids names…whatever…Please ask, it would be my pleasure.


I’ve always said that if you want to know if a jeweler is making their own stuff, just check out their hands! My hands on any given day are probably cut, chapped, burned, calloused, red ect…NOT terribly girly, but a point of pride all the same…It is obvious that I make all my own stuff. Hard work and getting my hands dirty makes me happy and contented…At least my toes usually have a nice pedicure!!!

Service with a Smile

At Jewelry for the Soul we believe in old school customer service. The kind of service that answers the phone, and replies to emails, and pretty much bends over backwards to make YOU, the customer, happy! Exceeding your expectations is our goal…really… Last minute gift…we are on it ! Holy crap I forgot my anniversary…We got you!! Gift wrap and a personal note from you…no problem! We appreciate the opportunity…just ask!


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