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Virtual Gift Cards

Jewelry for the Soul Virtual Gift Cards for online purchases can be purchased here and gifted to others via email in amounts ranging from $50.00 to $500.00.

Please enter the gift card amount and recipient information below:





Jewelry for the Soul virtual gift card

When you purchase a digital gift card from Jewelry for the Soul, the recipient of your gift will be sent an email that will include a special message from you and a link and information that they will need to redeem their digital gift card.

How to Purchase a Digital Gift Card
  1. Choose the amount for each gift. Our digital gift cards are available for purchase in $50 increments from $50 – $500. 
  2. Jewelry for the Soul gift cards are digital only and must be sent online to single or multiple recipients with valid email addresses. To send a gift to one or more recipients, enter an email address in the “To” field for each recipient, separated with a comma. Example:,, etc.
  1. Enter your name in the “From” field.
  1. For a personalized touch, add a special message to the gift recipient(s) that will appear in the email they will receive along with the gift redemption code and link.

Please Note:  If your gift is being sent to multiple recipients all recipients will receive the same message.

  1. If you want your digital gift to be delivered on a specific day (birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.) enter the delivery date in our order form and your gift will be sent to them on the day you specify.

Please Note:  If your gift is being sent to multiple recipients all will receive their gift on the same delivery date.

  1. To purchase one or multiple gift cards please add the number of cards you wish to purchase then click on the “Add to cart” button.

Please Note:  You will be charged based on the number of digital cards you add to the cart and pay for at checkout.  If you only add 1 card to your cart, then only one recipient will receive a gift  – regardless of the number of email addresses you enter in  the “To” field in step 2.

  • Jewelry for the Soul Digital Gift Cards are delivered by email, and like any email they may be delivered to recipient’s spam folder rather than their inbox.  If a recipient has not received their gift email in either folder location, please contact Janet for help.

Jewelry for the Soul Digital Gift Cards are only accepted at